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Vision Plans and Reports

2030 Vision Plan

Our Strategic Vision Plan helps guide our work for the next 10 years by reflecting on the past, setting key priorities and outlining measurable objectives. Learn more about how we plan to ensure a strong future for Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer through the link below.  

Read our 2030 Vision Plan


2021 Progress Report

Ahoy There!

As we reflect back on this year, there is much for which we are grateful. We have always said and genuinely believe that kids need Camp. This year, though, kids needed Camp more than ever, which was evident daily in all our programs. There are countless stories from campers, parents and staff who shared how Camp helped in a time when they were struggling. Some of those reflections of impact are shared below and we would welcome your story if you would like to share with us.

The generosity of this community leaning in to help sustain Camp through a year with minimal program revenue was amazing. Your support last year made a tremendous difference and was a big part of what allowed Camp to continue the legacy of impacting lives for the better. While we are already busy making plans for the future, we want to slow down long enough to reflect, share and show our gratitude to you, our Camp family.


Funds raised during the 2020 campaign allowed Camp to remain in a place of strength for the future by sustaining full-time staff and prioritizing ongoing maintenance and facilities needs. Our amazing Camp family truly rose to the occasion, allowing us to deliver an Extended Season and Summer like no other in 2021. 

Program Development 

2020 pushed us to think outside our traditional programming box and innovate in new ways in order to serve our Camp community. We have carried forward these family programs into 2021 and are proud to have delivered exceptional experiences that continued to promote the safety and well-being of all participants. 

155 participants enjoyed a change of scenery during Camp Windward, which was Sea Gull and Seafarer’s solution to remote school and work (with added time for Camp fun!) during Spring 2021. 

More than 70 families of all ages and generations joined us for Embark Family Camps this August, soaking in the serenity and making memories that are sure to last a lifetime. 


Campers and staff from the 1980s came back to Camp for Embark 2 and to celebrate Seafarer's 60th anniversary.

"My children came home walking a little taller and radiating confidence.  They were proud of the obstacles they overcame and thrilled with the new friendships and bonds formed. Camp will forever change the course of my children's lives.  One of the best decisions we have ever made!"

"I had no worries that my daughter would be homesick when she got to Camp.  I did worry she'd be 'campsick' when she came home, and she was.  She is 100% invested in Camp, and we are 100% invested in making sure she not only returns but also brings Camp into her daily life.  Camp is year-round in our household.  We teach lessons by referring to Camp.  We discuss values by discussing Camp.  We plan our future by using Camp as our guide.  It truly is 'more than a vacation' for our daughter."

"Camp Sea Gull has given my son stretch goals that motivate him the other 50 weeks he isn't at Camp (but wishes he was)! He sees what he can without mom and dad coaching/supervising and that self-validation (I can do this!) is highly motivational." 

"This Camp Seafarer alumna Mom is over the moon that my girl had a similar experience as I did growing up at Camp. I can't wait to see how these summers help mold her into a leader and world changer. Thank you leadership for keeping Seafarer/Sea Gull the best camp in the world!"

48 Hour Challenge

From September 22–24, Camp Sea Gull and Seafarer held its annual 48 Hour Challenge and are beyond thankful to our Camp family members who participated. 

The Challenge may be over, but it's not too late to show your support and give back. 

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