We're using a new system for camper letters home and counselor updates.

New this summer, Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer will begin utilizing additional features of the Bunk1 app! The Bunk1 app will be your one place to find camper photos, letters home from your camper and their counselor and information about Camp sessions. Be sure to check the app frequently for new information and of course photos and letters home!

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Camper Families

If your child has attended Camp Sea Gull or Camp Seafarer in previous summers and your Bunk1 account is under the same email as where you receive the monthly "Parent Post," the same email and password will grant you access. Your account will now default to this summer. Previous summer photos and Bunk Notes can be found by toggling back and forth to "Old Photos: Camp Sea Gull & Camp Seafarer" at the top of the app. 

In the case that you do not see this year's Bunk1 page under the account you've used in previous years, try entering the email address where you receive the Parent Post and then resetting your password for a new account. You will still be able to access photos from previous years by logging out and back in with your old account.

To keep access to Camp photos more private, you will need to invite friends and family members to your Bunk1 account. This will allow them to send their own Bunk Notes and view the daily Camp photos. To invite a friend or family member, click the three lines in the upper left-hand corner of the app and select "Invite Family Members."

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If you have a first time camper, your Bunk1 account has already been set up for you. Please download the Bunk1 app, enter your email address (the one the Parent Post is sent to) and reset your password. Once you log in you should see your enrolled camper(s). You can then use the "Invite a Family Member" to invite partners, spouses, grandparents or siblings to see photos and send Bunk Notes. 

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Letters Home

Letters from your camper and his or her counselors are a cherished part of Camp. All First Session, Second Session and Mariners families can continue to expect letters mailed through USPS at least once a week, one letter per week from their camper via Bunk1 and one letter per week from their camper's cabin counselor through Bunk1. Counselor letters are not sent during departure week. Starter Camp parents will receive a letter from their child's counselor via Bunk1 but will not receive any Bunk1 replies from their camper.

New this year, all correspondence will be sent through the Bunk1 app. Families will get a notification when letters arrive in their Bunk1 accounts. 

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Camper Letters Home

Your camper will have cabin time dedicated to writing letters home twice a week. One letter will be mailed through the USPS and the other will be delivered to your Bunk1 account (excluding Starter Campers). 

Friends at Camp Sea Gull
Counselor Reports

Your child's counselor will also send home communication about your camper's accomplishments, how they are doing and what they have been up too. 


These letters will be uploaded to your Bunk1 account and can be found in the "Bunk Replies" section of the app. Click on the "Notes" icon in the bottom left corner to find your Bunk Replies. You will also receive an email notification when your report arrives, typically between Saturday and Monday.

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Bunk Notes

Parents can purchase credits to use toward Bunk Notes, an electronic way to send a letter to your camper through the Bunk1 app. Bunk Notes are printed and delivered to campers after lunch each day. Though we do our best to get your Bunk Note to your child the same day it's written (if written before 7 a.m. EST), it may take up to 48 hours from when you send a Bunk Note for it to be delivered to your camper. 


Camp staff will continue to upload photos of campers to the Bunk1 app. Though we try to find every last camper to take their picture, Camp is home to hundreds of campers during the summer and it's unlikely your camper will have a photo posted every day. Remember, Bunk1 offers facial recognition so you can quickly see the photos your camper is in. We recommend clicking the heart icon to save your favorite photos. Photos you identify as favorites will remain in your account for you to see in future years.

Parents are not required to purchase Bunk Note packages or credits to view Camp photos. 


Bunk1 FAQs

You can find letters home from your camper, called Bunk Replies, and the opportunity to write letters to be delivered to your camper, called Bunk Notes, by clicking the envelope icon labeled "Notes" in the bottom right corner of your Bunk1 app. 

Camp provides two Bunk Replies per week - one from your camper and one from your camper's counselor - free of charge. While the app has an option to add additional Bunk Replies when sending a Bunk Note, Camp will not deliver these to your camper. Please do not add this option to your Bunk Notes.

Make sure you are using the email address where you receive the monthly Parent Post and reset your password. If neither is working, please contact Heidi Ricks at the Seafarer Office (252-249-1212) for assistance.

Bunk1 accounts for 2024 summer sessions have been set up by Bunk1. We are not using codes for account access this year. 

If you did not have a Bunk1 account prior to summer 2024, please use the email address where you receive your Parent Post to change the password. If you are still unable to log in, please contact the Camp office.

To view Bunk1 photos from this summer, please email the following to Heidi Ricks at Heidi.Ricks@YMCATriangle.org:

  • Staff member's name
  • Staff member's email
  • Staff member's date of birth
  • Parent's name
  • Parent's email

Please note that staff are provided a separate link to a PhotoCircle album to view staff-specific photos from the summer and can share that with you if they choose. Photos of counselors are not guaranteed on Bunk1 but access is granted in the case they are included in any camper photos.