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A Part of the Team

It's been an exciting and busy week at Camp and I'm glad that I am here to be a part of it. "Staff Training" week marks both the end of many weeks of getting Camp ready for the summer season and the arrival of our first group of campers on Sunday. During this week I have been impressed over and over again by the young men and women who have been assembled to lead the hundreds of campers who will fill Camp this summer. They will do an awesome job! (I rarely use the word awesome, but I used it on purpose this time.)

It's amazing how so many fine young people from around the world come together each summer at Sea Gull and Seafarer. I had the privilege of being part of that process for many years, and now looking at this group through the lenses of a different position with Camp I am mystified, but not surprised, by how we continue to get so many talented and dedicated people to serve at Camp every summer. Their enthusiasm, intelligence, work-ethic and sense of responsibility has been evident to me all week long. We are in good hands once again!

It's been fun to think about the many summers I was a counselor and participated in Staff Training Week. Those benches in Hut II were hard and the "speeches" were often long-but what I learned about being a part of a team is perhaps more important than anything I learned in the classroom. Now I know that it was during those times that I met my best friends, laughed the most, worked the hardest, and knew that I was doing something really important. I was part of a group of people doing their best and all pulling in the same direction. (At least most of the time!) We were the "all stars" and the "champions". It's the best team I've ever been on.