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Reflections from Starter Camp

Today marks the closing day of Starter Camp. Approximately 800 campers, ages 6-9, have packed their suitcases full and are ready (or maybe not so ready) to head for home. But as our first wave of campers departs, I wanted to share some humorous and even profound reflections shared with me about the past 5 days.

Camper Reflections
“I went off the zipline for the first time this week. I was scared, but the counselor said to look fear in the face and it would not be as scary. He was right, fear looks pretty funny from that high up.”

“I learned how to be a good friend and to put others needs ahead of my own. That’s why I shared my fan with my friend. He was dying without one. Me? I’m a survivor.”

Staff Reflections
“This week I was able to practice what we learned in staff training. They were not kidding when they said how important it is to set clear expectations in the beginning of the week. My cabin set up some great rules to live by and I have been reaping the benefits all week long. It just shows that when you set high expectations, most often than not, campers will rise to them.”

“These young girls are the future of Camp. They are the four week campers, the CILTs, and the staff members of tomorrow. After this week, I see that the future is in good hands.”

“Personally, I know it has been a great week. I see it in the smiles of the campers, the hugs that are given around the campfire, and the devotions I hear just before taps is blown. But the true measure of determining the success of the week? It’s when on Friday I hear the once homesick camper say, ‘Mom, can I stay for another week?’ And believe me, we hear it a lot.”