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Starter Camp Program

Program Philosophy

Starter Camp at Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer provide a nurturing environment that allows campers the opportunity to explore new activities, make new friends, and experience being away from home. We view our activities not as an end to themselves, but as a tool to encourage self-confidence, independence, teamwork, and responsibility. Throughout the week we introduce campers to a wide range of activities and encourage them to discover their natural interests under the guidance of a trained staff member.

  • Adventure Guides-These guides make sure the campers get to all of the Land activities around Camp during the activity periods.They experience the Sea program through excursions out on the river with counselors at the helm, alternating between the power and sailing vessels.

  • Freedom Choice - Under the guidancence of their Head Counselor Teams,campers will have the ability to participate in activities of their choice at the end of the week.

Swim Assessments

Aquatic activities are an important part of our program, and we place a high emphasis on safety in and around the water. All campers are required to wear a life jacket and be with a counselor when they participate in our boating activities. We will assess every camper's swimming ability in our Swim Lake. Please note that the assessment takes place in darker lake water and without the use of goggles. The qualifications required for each band and the privileges that accompany them are below and can also be found online. If your child cannot swim, please email us to ensure a safe and positive experience for them.

Red Band(Non-swimmer):

  • Camper is able to swim less than 12.5-yards and is unable to tread water.

  • Red bands can swim in a life jacket in depths up to 3-feet in our Swim Lake and pool.

Purple Band(Beginner):

  • Camper is able to swim 12.5-yards in a natural body of water and can tread water for 30 seconds

  • Purple bands can swim in depths up to three feet in our Swim Lake and five feet in our pool.

Black Band(Intermediate):

  • Camper is able to swim two 25-yard lengths(50-yards total)in a natural body of water and can tread water for 30 seconds.

  • Black bands can swim depths up to five-feet in our Swim Lake and six-feet in our pool and can participate on the Blue Zoom slide.

White Band(Advanced):

  • Camper is able to swim four, 25-yard lengths (100-yards total)in a natural body of water with rhythmic breathing using freestyle, breaststroke or backstroke and can tread water for 30 seconds.

  • White bands can swim in all of the swim areas.