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Four Week and Mariners Programs

Introduction to Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer’s Mariners and Four-Week Program 

We know that there is a lot of information to go through and that the Goal Setting Guide especially can be a lot of information for first-time campers. Take some time to review it, but don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. We just want you to be excited about all of the possibilities and fun adventures you will have at Camp. When you arrive this summer, you’ll receive your Blue and Green Books and your cabin counselor will help you get started with all the activities.  

In the “Letter to My Camp Counselor,” you are asked to set the ranks you would like to earn this summer. Simply list all three below for Sea, “Alfa” for Land, and then, for Aquatics, choose which color band you will work towards in your swim assessment.  

Download the Goal Setting Guide

Watch our Program and Rank Overview Video

Sea Goals 

Seaman Recruit
You will learn the basics of seamanship as a part of your orientation to the Sea Program 

Beginner Sailor
You will go sailing with a counselor and get the opportunity to steer the boat and control the sail. 

Outboard Operator
You will experience driving a powerboat under the supervision of a counselor. 

Land Goal 

You will experience every Land activity, learn the safety rules and earn the first rank in each. 

Aquatics Goal 

Aquatic activities are an important part of our program, and we place a high emphasis on safety in and around the water. All campers are required to wear a life jacket when they participate in our boating activities. We will assess every campers’ swimming ability in our Swim Lake. Please note that the assessment takes place in darker lake water and without the use of goggles. The qualifications required for each band are below and the privileges that accompany them can be found online.  

Red Band (Non-swimmer) 
Camper is able to swim less than 12.5-yards and is unable to tread water. Red bands can swim in a life jacket in depths up to 3-feet in our Swim Lake and pool.  

Purple Band (Beginner) 
Camper is able to swim 12.5-yards in a natural body of water and can tread water for 30 seconds.  

Black Band (Intermediate) 
Camper is able to swim two 25-yard lengths (50-yards total) in a natural body of water and can tread water for 30 seconds. 

White Band (Advanced) 
Camper is able to swim four 25-yard lengths (100-yards total) in a natural body of water with rhythmic breathing using freestyle, breaststroke or backstroke and can tread water for 30 seconds.