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Hall of Fame

Founders Wyatt and Lil Taylor hoped the Camp mission would live far beyond their years. They envisioned that leaders—exceptional leaders—would rise to the call and assure generations of children and families a community where character counts. Since 1998, Camp has been recognizing these leaders through the creation of the Hall of Fame.

The YMCA Camp Sea Gull and YMCA Camp Seafarer Hall of Fame recognize men and women of the extended Camp community whose dedication and service to Camp has been extraordinary. They are people of outstanding character who have made substantial and sustained contributions over time and have served as role models for the Camp community. Each member of the Hall of Fame has been selected because they left an enduring and meaningful legacy.

Each member of the Hall of Fame has been selected because of the legacy left at Camp and left in the lives of those who have been touched by their exceptional service. 

Hall of Fame Nominations

Hall of Fame

Bill Adams

Sarah Adams

Charles Barham

Burnie Batchelor

Jerry Batchelor

Earl Blango

Judy Bright

Judge Carr

Anne Cuddy

Sykes DeHart

Betsy Graham

Cille Griffith

Marshall Hamer

James Poyner

Nelson McDaniel

Anne Bradford

Bill Bradford

Lisa Wray Longino

Duval Hardison

Tom Hart

Bill Hubbard

Muff Carr

Don Cheek

Banks Kerr

Lloyd Griffith

Sidney Martin

Mable Moore

Gene Pegram

Jimmy Ray

Lil Taylor

Wyatt Taylor

Max Rogers

Norman Williams

Nancy Rogers

Charlie Stevens

Peggy Stevens

Eunice Tart