Sailing - Racing

Racing is introduced while campers work on Sunfish and Opti small sailboats toward their Small Boat Sailor Certification. Once they achieve that certification and rank, the next step is the 420 program.

Campers spend a few weeks working with other campers and a sailing instructor to learn the basics of sloop-rig sailing on a 420 sailboat. They will drill as both skipper and crew, learning boat handling, nomenclature, capsize procedure and more.

After the 420s, campers move up to Lightnings. Campers spend at least one full, 4-week session reviewing boat handling, nomenclature, rudderless sailing, sailing mechanics and more.

The culmination of Sea Gull and Seafarer’s racing program is advanced racing tactics mastery on all the boats in our fleet. This final rank and class also takes at least one full 4-week session and includes participation in regattas outside of Camp.