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Raising a Sail to Change a Life

Bill Adams, an outstanding camper, counselor and administrative staff member, practically grew up at Camp. In fact, he spent his summers at Camp even before he could walk. Bill’s parents, Sarah and Bill Adams, met at Camp as counselors and once married continued to spend their summers working under Wyatt and Lil Taylor, Judy Bright and Don Cheek.  Bill and his sister, Emily, grew up knowing that Camp was their home. 

Camp was a large part of Bill’s life. The experiences he had at both Seafarer and Sea Gull played a big part of the adult he became. In 2002, Bill was a Sailing UA at Sea Gull. He was a natural leader in this role that allowed him to share both his love of sailing and his love of Camp. In 2003, Bill unexpectedly passed away.

After receiving so many meaningful contributions honoring Bill’s life, His family knew the best way to preserve Bill’s legacy was to establish an endowment to provide financial assistance to children wishing to attend Camp.  As a friend of Bill’s said, “Bill was special in so many different ways. What made him such a likeable person was that he was always happy.” Through the William J. Adams IV Endowment, Bill is still able to spread his happiness to others and share the place he loved so much. 
The endowment continues to grow thanks to over 1,000 individual contributions, the leadership of the WJAIV Endowment Committee and events such as the William J. Adams IV Regatta. To date, more than 40 campers have been awarded Camperships through the endowment and as the funds mature, more and more deserving children will be able to attend Sea Gull and Seafarer. 

The eighth William J. Adams IV Regatta will be held at Camp Seafarer during Homecoming Weekend.Not only will it be an opportunity for the entire Camp family to come together and engage in friendly competition, it will also be a time in which we are able to pay tribute to a young man who loved Camp and the sport of sailing so much. Bill had such an impact on the lives of so many and the continued success of the endowment that bears his name will mean that his influence will continue for years to come. 

Join us as we raise a sail to change a life. For more information about the regatta and how to participate, please contact Lisa Brown.