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Mary Laurence Crook named the newest Executive Director of Camp Seafarer

 Camp Seafarer Executive DirectorWhat a special time of year as we stop and give thanks for our family and for our many blessings. Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer are special places to thousands of campers, staff and families, and we believe our purpose and mission is needed today now more than ever.

This past August, Captain Diane Hillsgrove decided to pursue a new and exciting path as Dean of Students for a school in Cary, NC. Her leadership as Camp Director over the past four years was impactful and touched the lives of so many. Over the past several months, we have conducted a thorough search and interview process for the next Camp Director. Our candidate pool was nothing short of impressive with individuals who collectively shared over 50 years of Camp history and experience.

A Camp Director sets vision and culture, furthers history and traditions, grows leaders, and embraces the need to remain relevant in an ever-changing overnight camp environment.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce that Mary Laurence Crook has accepted the role as the next Camp Seafarer Executive Director.

Mary Laurence’s 18-year history with Seafarer as a camper, CILT, Assistant Head Counselor, Sailing Master, Program Director and most recently, Associate Director gives her the tenure, scope and expertise that’s critical in leading Camp. In her most recent role as Associate Director, her vision for program design catered to girls and their learning styles, along with her involvement with US Sailing, has led Seafarer to be recognized as a leading organization in engaging girls in the sport of sailing and powerboating.

“I am excited and honored for this new chapter in my time at Seafarer, and thankful to be standing on the shoulders of those who have come before me. I have been fortunate during my time at Camp to experience and grow from the leadership of Cille, Lynn, and Diane, and to have soaked up countless stories and nuggets of wisdom about the leadership of Judy, Bill and Sarah, and Lil. I also credit the Seafarer Director Team’s tenure and skill for having created a welcoming and warm community where we are all encouraged to be the best version of ourselves.

I see a vibrant and dynamic future for Seafarer, continuing the unique and important work of developing young women in self-confidence, resilience, character, and leadership. In all seasons, we have the opportunity and privilege to create lifelong memories and build meaningful relationships for all who come through our gates. ‘When you stop getting better, you stop being good’ is the Thought for the Day that I find most motivating. I am enthusiastic about the work ahead and dedicated to building on the legacy of Camp Seafarer while fulfilling the collective vision to strengthen it for the future.”-Mary Laurence Crook

With Mary Laurence at the helm, Camp Seafarer will continue to embrace its history and traditions and operate as a leading organization in developing young women into leaders for life. Congrats, ML!