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Will Kunkel

Sports Director
Sea Gull

Years as a Camper: Four

Years as a Staff Member/Position(s) held: Three, Staff Trainee/ Senior Counselor​

Current Profession and Title: Sports Director, FOX 46 Charlotte

What have been your greatest personal and professional accomplishments? Or what is a goal that you are currently working toward?

Personally: Getting my fiancée to say “yes.” We are getting married on June 5. The day can’t come soon enough.

Professionally: This is a tough one for me. While I am very proud of my career it is not how I define myself. I am proud because I am fulfilling (in part) my purpose from God. Frankly, my biggest accomplishment is probably surviving/advancing early in my career. 1. I was not good on-air.   2. I chose to move to cities like Fargo, ND, Toledo, OH, and Wichita, Kan. before landing in Charlotte, NC. It wasn’t easy being away from family and friends but I wouldn’t do anything else.

How do the values or skills learned at Camp show up in your everyday work or personal life?

The daily devotionals really helped when I was young. One popular lesson stuck with me to this day: “words are like toothpaste, once they’re out you can’t put them back.” I’m certainly not perfect in this area but this lesson reminds me of the weight our words can carry. Positive or negative words. They make a difference in people’s life. Make good use of your words.

What person or situation influenced you most at Camp and why did they/it impact you?

I was very competitive during my time at Camp. I wanted to win everything. Always. One year, as a Senior Counselor, I was coaching our team in the Camp III flag football tournament and I got unreasonably upset when not all the campers had the same desire I had to win. This moment of reflection allowed me to see that not everyone’s interests were the same as mine (athletics/winning). I learned to appreciate the differences in people as well as not take myself so seriously.

Person: Lloyd Griffith. I struggled to make friends as a camper and often lashed out because of it. Lloyd always took the time to talk with me and help.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I knew nothing. Thought the opposite, naturally. Probably to not take myself so seriously. I certainly don’t today and it’s helped me in several moments of my life. Not taking yourself seriously allows you to have a sense of humor during tough times and find joy.

Any advice you could give to someone who wants to start a career in broadcast?

  1. Be willing to work for little or no (internship) pay.
  2. Be willing to move.
  3. Be single as long as you can! It makes 1 & 2 easier (I say this half-jokingly.)
  4. Be yourself. God made YOU to be YOU. I know it sounds corny but if you try to go on-air and be someone you’re not then you will fail and people will see right through you. Just be yourself – it’s a lot more fun that way.

Favorite Camp food?


Favorite Camp activity?

ATHLLLLLLLLETICS!! Softball HR derby and basketball all day. Literally – ALL. DAY.

What do you miss about Camp?

The day-to-day fun. I know that’s general but you will NEVER have a time like that in your life outside of Camp Sea Gull There was always something fun about running into the Mess Hall chanting and singing your Camp’s songs for everyone to hear. Such pride. (By the way, the guys who came up with those chants/songs were SO creative.)

Oh and…EAT YOUR GREENS moments.

Favorite sports team?

New York Yankees, New York Rangers, Northwestern Wildcats and whatever team I am covering (Panthers and Hornets right now.)

What is your favorite sporting event you have covered?

March Madness. It’s not even close. The fly by the seat of your pants and unknown of the tournament is unlike any other. I have covered two World Series’ too.

Who is your favorite interview that you have done?

The best interviews are simply whoever has the best personality. It rarely has to do with the “name.” Having said that – Michael Strahan pops to mind. The man is a natural and I got him to freestyle rap about the Panthers on our show.

Favorite Camp memory?

Counselor: Basketball games after dinner versus the head counselors. Those games got WAYYY too intense. I loved it.

Camper: Hut. Such great comradery created during this time. Also, CHUBBY BUNNY. (Won that once. Maybe my all-time life achievement.)

Who is your favorite Instagram follow?

Probably House of Highlights – they show some amazing human abilities. Things I didn’t know were possible and wouldn’t dare do.