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The Camp Annual Campaign was created both to provide financial assistance to families needing it most and to help meet the pressing and emerging needs of YMCA Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer.  The 2019 campaign goal is $1,350,000. These funds will be used to meet needs that have been identified by staff as the most critical in each area. Camp Annual Campaign dollars support camperships, leadership and program development and community outreach. In order to ensure that funds are most effectively stewarded and are meeting the most essential needs, a 10 Year vision for the Camp Annual Campaign was created beginning in 2013.

Read our 2019 case for giving.

Camp Annual Campaign 10 Year Vision

Camp staff, volunteers and Board members went through a visioning process to prepare us for the future with the Camp Annual Campaign. Annual needs were identified from 2013 until 2022. Our goal is to increase annual giving steadily each year to reach $1.6 million by 2022 to help address these needs. We invite you to invest in the lives of youth today by supporting Camp’s Annual Campaign.


The number one barrier preventing families from sending their children to Sea Gull and Seafarer is cost. Offering financial assistance allows us to attract children from all financial backgrounds and life experiences, making the experience more diverse and richer for every camper. 

2019 Goal
$870,000 (64% of annual funds raised)
9% of the summer overnight population receives financial assistance
The average award is 65% of the total cost of the session

2022 Vision
12% of the summer resident population receives financial assistance
The average award is 50% of the total cost of the session


We view our programs not as an end unto themselves, but as tools our staff use to foster self-confidence, independence, teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance. Our team delivers an exceptional Camp experience. Therefore, it is vitally important to recruit, train and retain the best staff possible.

2019 Goal
$305,000 (23% of annual funds raised)

These funds cover costs for U.S. Sailing and U.S. Powerboating certifications for campers. They also cover costs for outside professional activity training, U.S. Sailing and U.S. Powerboating Instructor certifications, Coast Guard licenses, lifeguarding and all other staff activity certifications as well as incentive pay for returning staff members who hold certifications

2022 Vision
$560,000 (40% of annual funds raised)

We are hopeful to introduce the following additions.

  • Partner with nationally recognized organizations and governing bodies to enhance program curriculum and provide campers with application certifications (ex: USTA and USGA)
  • Partner with collegiate level coaches to enhance skill development
  • Utilize technology in program delivery and in distance learning tools
  • Strengthen program with specialized equipment that meets the needs and skillsets of diverse age groups.
  • Engage consultants to evaluate staff experience and help transfer skill set to the real world
  • Provide off-season leadership training through camping and affiliated organization conferences


As an organization based in Pamlico County, we want to help local youth thrive by enhancing year-round programs for elementary, middle and high school children. We also want to support those facing unique life circumstances when possible.

2019 Goal
$175,000 (13% of annual funds raised)

These support the following programs:

  • Youth & Government
  • Middle School UN
  • Spring and Summer Day Camp
  • “Anchoring the Family” weekend for families with a cancer survivor, connected to the LIVESTRONG program at the YMCA

2022 Vision

  • Evaluate current Pamlico County programs regarding community needs
  • Conduct water safety clinics for local adults and children


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