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Sharing Camp with Others

Last summer, four of my good friends from UNC took a leap of faith to come work at Camp Sea Gull with me, without ever having been campers or counselors.  Brantley, Dave, Matthew, and Will were quickly welcomed, and it was exciting for me to witness my friends become a part of the same community that has meant so much to me for many years.  This is what makes Sea Gull and Seafarer so unique.  Camp is not just a welcoming place, but a high-spirited community that naturally draws people in.  What results is an extensive network of family and friends that all believe in Camp’s mission and think that it is worth sharing with others.

Many counselors have this same desire to share Camp with their friends.  One way that we have the opportunity to share Camp with others is through our involvement with the Officers’ Club.  The Officers’ Club was created last summer as a staff only giving group to recognize summer staff members for their philanthropic support of Camp. Counselors can join by either writing thank you notes to Camp donors or by personally donating to the Camp Annual Fund from their summer earnings.

In its kickoff summer in 2013, the Officers’ Club was comprised of 161 counselors who gave over $3,000.  This summer we have been even more amazed at the staff participation. From both Sea Gull and Seafarer, 284 counselors have joined the Officers’ Club and have given over $10,000 to benefit the Camp Annual Fund! 

To me, the Officers’ Club sends a powerful message. Counselors see value in their work during the summer and believe that others should be a part of it.   The Camp Annual Fund helps to share Camp with others through camper scholarships and program enhancement.

I am grateful for my four friends and their trust in joining the Sea Gull and Seafarer community, and I am excited about those who will be able to experience Camp for the first time through the direct support of my fellow counselors in the Officers’ Club.

Click here for more information on the Camp Annual Fund or to make a donation.

-Tripp Price
Camp I Counselor