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Allison Shivers McBride

Pediatric Hospitalist

Years as a Camper:

Years as a Staff Member/Position(s) held: 5 summers from Junior Counselor to Senior In Charge then a UA on Sailing   

Current Profession and Title: Interim Chair of Pediatrics; Pediatric Hospitalist and Emergency Medicine Wake Forest School of Medicine 

  How do the values or skills learned at Camp show up in your everyday work or personal life? 

  During my first summers at Camp, I was quiet and fairly timid.  Camp taught me to push my comfort zone and channel my strengths. Being a sailing counselor, I learned to teach sailing to children with jellyfish stinging me and not miss a beat, a trait that translates well to medicine.  I learned to “dig deep” and find energy even when exhausted, and that being a role model is a powerful form of leadership.  I try to lead by example and really make meaningful connections with my team. 

 What person or situation influenced you most at Camp and why did they/it impact you? 

 Judy Bright was a wonderful role model and leader with her fierce optimism, her ability to make the person in front of her feel like they were the most special and important person ever, and her humility. The situation I refer to as a real turning point for me was during Scot class with Kara Gibbon Haden.  The winds were really strong on the first day we tried dockings. We were on a beam reach headed to the pier and Kara told me it was my turn. I am pretty sure I tried to get out of taking the helm with every power of my being. I wish I could recall her exact words, but she convinced me that I would not succeed unless I put myself in situations where I could also fail. She supported me through that and many subsequent dockings. I learned that summer (1987) that the best achievements come after putting yourself out on a limb!   

Favorite Camp food: The honey-peanut butter whipped together  

Favorite sports team: UNC Tarheels 

Dream vacation destination: Sailing in the Mediterranean  

Are you a morning person or night owl? Night owl