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All in the Family

Camp is a lotta things. For me this summer, it’s about family. Pictured here are three of my 2nd cousins or cousins-once-removed (what relations are my cousins’ kids to me?). Sorry Katie Worth…I tried to photoshop you in. The Ransom-side of my family is as numerous as the stars. We are all over the country and rarely spend time together. When we do it’s typically in small pockets versus the full clan. We know each other, but not really. Seafarer is giving these three girls the opportunity to experience something pretty amazing together, as family.

Seeing camp day-in and day-out as one of the full-time directors means I often can't see the forest for the trees. Watching my cousins play together as long-time friends would hit home the impact and importance of these places. As of Summer 2015, twelve (feeling pretty good about that number) of my family members have spent 1, 2 and 4-weeks at either Sea Gull or Seafarer. Generations of families have been driving through our gates since 1948, and we have yet to fully capture what I believe are some amazing stories. Let’s keep a running log this summer on Camp families. Go to our Facebook page and tell us about your family’s history and many of your family members have attended, how many generations are represented, and well, if you wanna, share how many fireballs you think your whole family has consumed!

Katie Worth, Claire, Tanner and Sallie James, thanks for coming to Seafarer this summer. Bess, Walter, Bedell and Ingram, thank you for sending your children to a place I believe in so deeply.

-Sallie Ransom