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Top Mess Hall Skits

Being out on activities at Camp Sea Gull is a lot of fun.  Campers get to set goals, challenge their own limits and play with their friends.  But how do they know where to go?  How do they know what will be exciting that particular day?  How do they know which staff is the most fun, the most engaging, the most creative.

The answer is…The Perfect Mess Hall Skit!

Over my many years at Camp, I have had the joy of seeing some amazing skits in the Mess Hall….I have had to sit through some pretty rough ones as well.  I take it as my duty to create my Top 5 Skits list to lift up those great skits of the past so that, not only they be remembered, but that future staffs challenge themselves to top those counselors that blazed the trail in perfecting the “perfect skit.”

5. Aquatics: Swim Show song and Marlin Band skit

This is a tie for me.  They are classics, and I would love to know who wrote both of them.  There is something about consistency and the nod to those that have come before you.  Grown men singing in Speedos…how is that not hilarious?

4. Arts and Crafts:  The Rocket Man skit

Arts and Crafts has always had staff members with great imaginations. Who knew that this staff also had such passion for  space travel?  Congrats to the staff that created Rocket Day!

3. Sailing: The Jurassic Park Dinosaur cruising skit

If you take the effort to build a wooden frame that can fit over a scout, wrap the frame in paper and then paint it green to look like a dinosaur….you are in the Top 3!

2. Motorboating: The Mission Impossible cruising skit

“Wild Bill” Hammner had many terrific skits over his time at Camp.  With enthusiastic UA’s behind him, you could always count on really funny cruising skits Saturday mornings. My favorite is the one where the UA’s had to arrive 20 minutes before the meal, hide in the ceiling of the room and wait until announcements.  All of this required complete secrecy….not even the Directors knew they were up there!  Then boom, the music starts and then, attached to harnesses, they fly down all over the mess hall.  Number 2 on the list is…

1. Headquarters: Steve Swaim’s Lost and Found song (to the tune of Country Road), 

Hello Mudda/Hello Fadda, and the Laundry version of Steve Martin’s King Tut.

There really is only one choice in my mind when it comes to great skits.  I cannot even pick the best one he ever created.  You will be glad to know that two of his best three sketches are still being done today!

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane.  We hope you come back and visit Camp soon.  We still have a blast in the Mess Hall and cannot wait for the next “Greatest Skit Ever” to be created!