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YMCA Camp Sea Gull and YMCA Camp Seafarer continue to be strong because of the generous support of volunteers. Having parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends who are willing to make Camp better through their skilled contributions is invaluable. Whether you can join us for a day, weekend, or give your time on a committee or board, we hope you will stay involved and will pick an option that best suites you and your family.  Thank you to all our volunteers who help make Camp possible every day!

Year Round Volunteer Opportunities

Anchoring the Family Weekend Volunteer

A very special Family Camp weekend for cancer survivors and their families. Help us make this weekend a special experience that the families will never forget.  

Contact: Email Allison Simmons or call her at (919) 987-8737.

Camp Annual Campaign Volunteer

Philanthropic support is critical to best delivering Camp’s mission. Camp Annual Campaign volunteers help make that possible by making personal connections with others to invite them to give to the Camp Annual Campaign. 

Contact: Email Gretchen Hyde or call her at (919) 582-9313.

Spring and Fall Weekend Volunteer

During the spring and fall, families and other groups attend Camp for programs such as Family Camp, Y Guides and Camp High Hopes. These are your opportunities to be a staff member again by volunteering at an activity from Friday night through Sunday lunch. 

Contact: Email Hunt Carpenter

Summer Opportunities at Camp                               

Camper Social/Parent Pickup Reception Volunteer

The night before Camp is usually one of excitement, jitters, and questions. This Saturday event is designed to tap into all of these emotions and get campers and their parents ready for Opening Day. Volunteers can expect to help at the nametag table, mingle with many first-time families, and answer questions. Camper Socials are held in New Bern and Morehead City, NC. 

The Thursday evening before closing of 1st session/MII and 2nd session/MIV parents are invited for a reception preceding closing day. Volunteers can expect to help at the nametag table, mingle with parents, and answer questions. Parent Pickup Receptions are held in New Bern, NC. 

Contact: Email Gretchen Hyde or call her at 919-582-9313

Opening Day Volunteer

Join us as we open our gates and welcome campers. Volunteer can expect to share in the Camp spirit while directing families and answering questions.

Contact: Email Gretchen Hyde or call her at 919-582-9313

Volunteer Physician

We invite licensed physicians to volunteer with us for a 1-week period during summer sessions. We welcome doctors to bring their families to enjoy a week on the coast. Camp provides staff housing and meals for volunteer doctors and their families while they are with us. Our doctors work on a team of 3-4 doctors and typically see campers during the day and during sick call  at our health center. The health center is a 24 hour operation staffed by registered nurses.

Contact: Email John Hyde or Mary Laurence Crook 

Spend Starter Camp week at Camp Seafarer! Help our youngest campers choose activities, become more confident and learn to live in the camp community. You will be assigned to a cabin to guide young campers through the day and live with Mother Ducks each night.

Contact: Email Elayne Steinman or call her at 919-582-9323

Summer Opportunities in your Area

Charter Bus Greeter

Campers can leave and return home via charter bus in certain major Camp markets and cities. We need volunteers to recreate a bit of magic away from Camp for these campers and their families. Volunteers are asked to interact with families and help greet the bus and parents.

Contact: Email Gretchen Hyde or call her at (919) 582-9313.

Airport Ambassador (RDU)

Campers returning home depart from Raleigh/Durham International Airport. We need volunteers to assist directing and accompanying minors as they arrive at RDU via bus, through ticketing, security and at their gates prior to departure.

Contact: Email Gretchen Hyde or call her at (919) 582-9313.