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 CARRIE has been at Camp for 16 summers, 10 as a camper and six as a staff member. She has grown in leadership roles and now oversees the Land Program during the summer.
“My family could not afford to send me to Camp Seafarer in 2006. Camp is my ultimate safe place where I am happiest, and that news shook my world and left me feeling lost. We then found out that Camp was able to give me a scholarship to help cover the cost. I’ve been giving back to Camp ever since. Because of other people’s generosity, I am where and who I am today. I want to help others experience the magic of Camp,” says Carrie.
      Carrie encouraged me as a camper, CILT and in my first year on staff. She is my mentor and someone I strive to emulate daily.
She has taught me how to break through my shell, gain confidence and develop leadership skills. –Ann Sumner, Counselor

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