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Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors

Gayle and Mark London (Chair) - New York, NY
Jane and Mike Basham - Riverside, CT
Carl Belk - Charlotte, NC
Anne and Dr. Bill Bradford - Durham, NC
Jennifer and Rick Bruning  - Greensboro, NC
Muff and Judge Carr - Raleigh, NC
Will Cheney - Delray Beach, FL
Aimee and Tom Chubb - Atlanta, GA
Tricy and Mike Cushner - Yorktown Heights, NY
Jennifer and Greg Faucette - Charlotte, NC
Mary Stuart and Edward Hay - Charleston, SC
Beth and George Holden - Raleigh, NC
Lisa and George Longino - Dallas, TX
Kim and John Love - Burlington, NC
Blair and Clay Manley - Houston, TX
Laura and Jeff Marcus - Atlanta, GA
Millie Maxwell - Raleigh, NC
Jane and Alton McCullough - Raleigh, NC
Meg Meaher - Charlotte, NC
Linda and Ralph Moore - Raleigh, NC
Amanda and Bobby Ramseur - Raleigh, NC
Nancy and Dr. Andy Schneider - Winston-Salem, NC
Amanda and Ken Schwenke - Bryn Mawr, PA
Ann and Timothy Sheehan - Atlanta, GA
Nancy and John Sipp - New York, NY
Jocelyn and Jimmy Stewart - Motchanin, DE
Kyle and David Team - Newport Beach, CA
Katherine and Robert Team - Lexington, NC
Dr. Alex Techet - Charlestown, MA
Marree and and John Townsend - Greenwich, CT
Judy and Stan Tuttle - Nashville, TN
Leah and Runyon Tyler - Raleigh NC
Shannon and Chuck Williams - Raleigh, NC
Elizabeth and Mike Woody - Washington, DC
Sally and James Wyche - Charlotte, NC

Board of Visitors Emeritus

Jerry Batchelor - Raleigh, NC
Dodie Chapman - Atlanta, GA
Claudia and Richard DeMayo - Atlanta, GA 
Powell Fraser - Atlanta, GA
Nancy and Blair Hahn - Mount Pleasant, SC
Lisa and Hugh Long - Augusta, GA
Craig Marino - New York, NY
Edythe Poyner - Raleigh NC 
Jennifer and Jack Harvey - Little Rock, AR