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I Am That Mom

The beauty of being at Camp for so many years is I am now answering questions, filling in blanks and sometimes…alleviating the anxiety levels of camper moms who are either my former campers or summer staff colleagues. Most emails or calls begin with, “hey, so I have become that mom.”

I love that mom; the one who has Wyatt and Lil Taylor-esque expectations for their child’s camp experience; the one who wants their son or daughter to make lifelong friends just as they have; and the one who believes so soundly in what Sea Gull and Seafarer are doing for young people that she may sacrifice time and resources just so her child can share in this amazing experience.

The number of third generation campers at Sea Gull and Seafarer is astounding. Why? Because of those alumni moms and dads who are choosing to continue an important tradition of sending their child to a unique place on the crystal coast of North Carolina.

I’m off to walk around Camp. This cousin is gonna go check on some relatives here for the session…