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Lindsay Northen


Years at Camp: 10 as a camper, CILT and cabin counselor

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC Current Location: New York City, NY

Background and Profession:

- BFA in Music Theatre, Elon University

- Actor

Seafarer alumna Lindsay Northen spent a formative decade at Camp where she learned character counts. Today, character still plays a leading role in her life as an actor. Working in Wicked on Broadway and with appearances in several TV shows and commercials, Lindsay may be far from Camp but has kept its influence and values on her way.

What lessons or values from Camp do you still uphold today?

The idea of rewarding and encouraging people to be good and do good just because it’s the right thing. That being kind, bringing joy and making things better, is in fact, the most important job we all have. It really shaped me and my choices.

 What do you believe makes Camp so special?

I started Camp at what I think is the most important time for a young person (around 6th grade). Most kids are at an all-time low self-esteem wise and are trying to choose who they want to be. I was sort of miserable a lot of the time as a chubby awkward middle school student, but at Camp I felt like a million bucks. I could do anything and felt that who I was and what I could contribute were important and wonderful. Those four weeks carried me through the entire remaining year.