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Lilly Robicsek

Head of Artists & Programs, Silver Arts Projects

Name: Lilly Robicsek

Years as a Camper: 8

Years as a Staff Member/Positions held: 4 years. JC & SIC on motorboating & waterski staff

Current Profession and Title/Years in role: Head of Artists & Programs, Silver Art Projects (2 years).

Can you provide a brief overview of your job responsibilities? I really do a bit of everything! I joined Silver Art Projects as the first hire, and it’s been incredibly exciting and rewarding to be part of this project from the beginning. My role involves arts programming, overseeing our open call process (1,200 artists applied this year), planning events and studio tours, fundraising, designing our website and social media presence, helping artists make connections and build sustainable business practices, and collaborating with like-minded individuals and leaders in the art world.

Silver Art Projects is a non-profit artist residency, where 28 artists are selected to participate in a year-long residency with free studio space on an entire floor of the World Trade Center.  

Do you have any career advice for members of our Camp community? Network! It’s a great way to get more inspired and meet new people.  

What do you believe have been some of your greatest personal and professional accomplishments? Is there a goal toward which you are currently working? I’ve made so many lifelong friendships with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I learned a lot while working at Christie’s and Gagosian Gallery (the leading auction house and top gallery in NYC). But what I’ve accomplished at Silver Art Projects is what I’m most proud of so far. It’s been incredibly rewarding to help emerging and established artists pursue their dreams and to create a new space for artists within the art world. Not to mention, the panoramic views in the World Trade Center are inspiring. If you surround yourself with people you consider interesting, you will always continue to learn something valuable.  

How do the values or skills you learned at Camp show up in your everyday work and/or personal life? Camp Seafarer taught me to always be positive, be kind to others, and to be a good role model.

Is there a person or a situation that had a huge influence on you while you were at Camp? How and why did they/it impact you? Lexi Crawford. She always had a good attitude, I loved her energy.

What advice would you give your younger self? To follow your passions. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and work hard. And have fun with it! Life is short.

Favorite Camp meal: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Favorite mess hall entry song: Umbrella, Rihanna  

All-time favorite skit memory: The Bean Skit….I’m laughing just thinking about it. If you know, you know!

Favorite special event at Camp: Dances. I enjoy socializing and spending time with friends. And always love an excuse to dress up.

Devotion you best remember from Camp: There was one devotion where we’d get a piece of paper and pass around the circle, each writing one nice thing about that person. At the end of the devotion, you’d have a piece of paper with little reminders of what people like about you.

 Do you have a hidden talent? I played piano for 12 years

 What three words best describe you? Positive, Creative, Curious  

 What profession other than your own would you like to try? It would be interesting to be an artist and make work of my own. I’d love to see my industry from the other side.

 What would you eat if you could only have one food for the rest of your life? Fruit! Options are endless. It’s like natures candy