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Staff Benefits

Competitive Salary

We offer a competitive and progressive pay schedule that is determined based on your experience, age, education, and certifications.

Coastal Living & Three Daily Meals

Room and board is included. As a counselor, you’ll eat family-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner with both campers and participants.


In all seasons, you will receive scheduled time-off periods, where you are welcome to leave the Camp grounds.

Professional Development

Camp is invested in your development and your success. Our objective is to fully equip you with the leadership skills that will enable you to be an effective leader at camp, at school, and in today’s workforce. Our leadership development program reflects 21st-century skills that are vital for success in today’s world. We focus on building excellent skills in the areas of collaborative teamwork, effective communication, creative thinking, problem-solving, and effective management skills.

Year-round we also offer a Value(d) program where we focus on staff members; provide value through leadership development, personal growth, goal setting, and "real world" assistance; and help staff feel appreciated at all times.  We send daily thoughts for the day via text message, host book clubs, hold virtual alumni speaker series that can help staff determine career paths, and provide trainings to develop leadership and interpersonal skills.

Summer Internship Opportunities

We offer internships for staff members who would like to explore this option. All internships are paid roles. Talk with your advisor to find out more about necessary benchmarks and to determine if Camp is a good fit. Once you have been hired at Camp Sea Gull or Camp Seafarer, we will be happy to assist with next steps. 

Certification Courses

Different roles at camp require certifications. If we require you to have a certain course, we’ll coordinate with you to get it. This may include CPR, Lifeguarding, US Sailing, US Powerboating, and other national and internationally recognized certifications.


Being a Camp staff member allows you to connect to our vast alumni network of former counselors and parents. As business owners and employers, they recognize that seeing Camp Sea Gull or Camp Seafarer on a resume shows the applicant’s commitment to character. Sharing Camp with alumni and parents is a common language that demonstrates your dedication, ability to work on a team, and a strong work ethic. We are frequently asked to refer our most talented staff.

Pro Deals

During the summer you’ll have access to a variety of companies that offer discounts to industry professionals. Examples of products that are included in these pro-deals include clothing, sunglasses, outdoor equipment, and foul-weather gear.