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Job Description

Time Commitment

We are looking for qualified camp counselors who are available from:

  • Spring Season – mid-March to late May
  • Summer Season – late May through mid-August (we prefer to hire staff who are available for the entire summer season)
  • Fall Season – late August to mid-October


Applying to work at Camp is a competitive process. We typically have more applicants than spaces. Minimum 16 years of age at the time of application, CILT (Camper in Leadership Training) experience preferred, and one to two years of experience working with children. Priority will be given to applicants who are available to work the entire summer. 


Our staff members must possess the highest moral character and serve as positive role models. This can be articulated through Camp’s founding Character Traits: Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Faith.


In the spring and fall, staff members lead our activities and create a meaningful experience for participants. Examples of fall and spring programs are track out camp for students in year-round school, professional retreat groups, family camps, and Y-Guides weekends. 

In the summer, counselors live in a cabin with one or two other counselors and about 13 campers. Staff members are assigned to an activity on either the Land or the Sea, and they are trained to instruct campers at their specific activity. Land activities include Athletics, Creative Arts, Paddle Sports, Target Sports, Tennis and Golf, Ropes, and Aquatics; Sea activities include Powerboating and Sailing.  

Patience, flexibility, and endurance are the three qualities that are most important when working as a counselor. Your role as a counselor requires you to work long hours, present your best self, and selflessly serve others.


Going 110 percent every day is important. Campers and participants are inspired by your energy and enthusiasm, so counselors must have high energy every day. If you’re having fun and giving your energy and talent to the campers and participants, everyone will have fun and get inspired to be more and learn more.

Watch the video below to hear what our staff has learned through their time at Camp