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Cast Off 2020

We invite you to participate in Cast Off, our virtual way of bringing Camp to you. Each week in July, we will have a Camp "bingo card" that will give you Camp activities to participate in during that week. If you complete four activity squares in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally you will earn your rank for the week. Once you submit your cards at the end of the four weeks, we will send you a rank certificate and a taste of Camp in the mail! While these aren't our typical ranks, we hope they will get you excited to get back to earning your official ones next summer.

To participate, you can check back here every Monday for your new Camp "bingo card" and follow us along on Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer's Instagram accounts. We also want to see you participating by using hashtag #CastOff2020 on social media! Who knows---we may even feature you on ours!

Week 1: July 6 - 10
Week 2: July 13 - 17
Week 3: July 20 - 24
Week 4: July 27 - 31

Week 1 Camp Bingo Card

Week 2 Camp Bingo Card

Week 3 Camp Bingo Card

Week 4 Camp Bingo Card

Week 4 - Camp Rule: Do What's Right

Week 4 Devotion

Week 4 Finale

Week 3 - Camp Rule: Try your Best

Week 3 Devotion

Week 3 Golfball Trail Beach

Week 2 - Camp Rule: Share

Week 2 Devotion

Week 2 Exchange Day

Week 1 - Camp Rule: Listen

Week 1 Devotion

Week 1 Dance


1. Print your weekly Camp "bingo card" and complete four activity squares in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

2. Once all four weeks are complete, take a picture of your card(s) or scan them and email it to Camp!


The more weekly Camp "bingo cards" you complete, the higher the rank you achieve. These ranks are only obtained by participating in Cast Off 2020. They don't have any bearing on where you are currently in your ranks at Camp, but are instead a fun alternative to get you excited about resuming your official ranks next summer.

One week: Cast Off Sailor

Two weeks: Cast Off Skipper

Three weeks: Cast Off First Mate

Four weeks: Cast Off Captain