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Forms for Enrolled Campers

We are excited for you to submit all of your camper’s forms for Summer 2021 through our Online Portal. 

1. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to enter the portal on a recommended device*.

2. Choose “Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer."

3. Read the instructions! We promise you that in taking the time to read them, the process will be successful for you. 

4. Begin on recommended device*. You do not have to finish this all in one sitting. Information can be saved as you go and returned to at your convenience.

Important Notes and Changes:

Great News for returning campers! All of the information you provided last year will prefill this year except for The Camper Physical and information in the Travel and Transportation section. For everything else, we will need re-acknowledgment with your signature indicating that you've reviewed and made changes where appropriate and/or the existing information remains correct.

1. ALL parents MUST complete a transportation registration for each camper to indicate how they will be departing Camp, EVEN if they are driving or providing their own transportation. 

2. There will be no Airport Shuttle or Charter Bus service that travels to Camp on any Opening Days due to COVID-19 check-in protocols.  There will be an airport shuttle that travels to Raleigh and New Bern on Closing Day only for First Session, Second Session, Mariners II and Mariners IV.

3. We are asking everyone to complete a Cabin Placement form which is where you can also make a specific cabinmate request. 

4. The forms you are being asked to submit for each camper on this portal are in place of the mailings you have received in years past. All health forms, camper information packets, transportation information and cabinmate requests can now be found inside the online portal. There will be some forms that you will need to scan and upload, but no forms should be emailed this year.

5. All of your camper’s forms MUST be completed and submitted online by March 26, 2021. And no need to wait! We would so appreciate you completing your camper's forms as soon as possible. This way, we can ensure we have ample time to review them and provide your camper with the best, most productive, and safest summer ever! 

Your partnership with us and thoughtful completion of your camper’s forms will help ensure their best possible experience at Camp this summer. We recognize that much of this is sensitive and confidential information and we use discretion when sharing it with Camp staff. 

For questions or issues with any of the forms, please contact the Camp Office at (252) 249-1212. You can also reply to this email.

For issues with your username or password, please contact YMCA Customer Service Center on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. by email or phone (919) 719-9989.
Our Camp Forms Portal is best experienced on a desktop, laptop or tablet device using Safari, Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer. For display purposes, we do not recommend using Google Chrome or your smartphone.

Online Forms Portal