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Dining Hall

Dining Hall

A healthy, well-nourished camp community can focus on fun, relationships, and the camp experience. Our philosophy is to provide campers, staff and all program participants with fresh, accessible and a variety of food necessary for life, growth and good health  Meals are an opportunity for nourishment as well as fellowship. The Taylor Mess Hall at Camp Sea Gull and the Belk Dining Hall at Camp Seafarer serve as the center of our daily gatherings.  Music, dancing, skits, and cheers add to the fun of each meal, creating a community of fun and celebration. 

At Camp Sea Gull and Seafarer, we love eating our meals family-style. Campers sit at a table with a counselor, who models sharing and manners and who facilitates the conversation as everyone enjoys the meal together. This is a great opportunity for developing friendships and enjoying each other’s company.  We partner with FLIK Independent School Dining who prepares a wide variety of fresh-made meals that campers enjoy.  FLIK serves many schools and camps throughout the nation. The menu varies, offering kid favorites like pizza and hotdogs, camp traditions like Sunday fried chicken, and a variety of other meals.  Campers are encouraged to try a little bit of everything.  While most of our meals are family style, we also enjoy picnics and cookouts at our cabins throughout the summer.  Fruit is also available for a snack in the afternoons.

Dietary Needs

We recognize that individuals have dietary preferences and/or dietary restrictions that impact their camp experience. Our chefs are able to offer alternative menu items to accommodate most dietary needs including vegetarian, gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free.  Parents should identify these needs on the camper forms.  All of our foods are peanut and tree nut free. Please reach out to Camp if you have concerns about your child’s dietary needs. 

Tips for Preparing Your Camper for Meals at Camp

Practice eating family style at home. 
We encourage taking what is reasonable to eat and going back for seconds after everyone has had a chance to get some. 

Talk with your child about how to advocate if they are still hungry. 
We always have more.  Counselors are prepared to help campers who need more to eat at a meal and to help our more selective eaters.

Practice trying new foods.
We encourage campers to eat a balanced meal including vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates.  Practice helping them to choose foods to make a balanced meal at home.