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YMCA Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer know there is a strong connection between being a strong swimmer and being a strong mariner. Confidence in the water and confidence on the water are critical elements of Camp. We strongly believe in safety on and in the water and improving the swimming ability of all our campers. Therefore, we assess each camper’s swimming ability when they arrive at Camp. Each camper receives a swim band and is placed in a daily instructional swim lesson taught by a trained swim instructor. We understand that our campers have varying degrees of skill, and we make every effort to ensure the swim test and the daily swim instruction are positive experiences. 

Below are the criteria for the swim assessment:

Red Band - Beginner

Camper is able to swim less than two, 25-yard lengths and is unable to tread water.

Black Band - Intermediate

Camper is able to swim two, 25-yard lengths and demonstrates some ability to tread water.

White Band - Advanced

Camper is able to swim four, 25-yard lengths (100 yards total) using multiple strokes and tread water for 30 seconds.

Once campers reach the highest level of swim instruction at Camp, they are no longer required to take instructional swim lessons and may instead spend this time on other activities. There are opportunities to continue expanding swimming ability through the following specialty classes.

  • Competitive Swimming
  • Diving
  • Swim the Neuse (Must be 13 years or older)
  • Water Aerobics (Seafarer only)
  • Water Ballet (Seafarer only)
  • Water Polo