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Arthur Doesn't Stop the Fun

Sitting down to write a Thank You note to my sons’ counselors, I’m drawn to reflect on the 48-hours of Hurricane Arthur that will be embedded in the memories of both my boys and their counselors for years to come.

I know this because 18-years ago, I experienced an early-season Hurricane at Camp as Seafarer’s Motorboating Chief.

In 1996, as Hurricane Bertha barreled towards the North Carolina coast, both Sea Gull and Seafarer were evacuated for four days.  I was also one of a handful of staff that stayed at camp to secure the facilities and “Ride out the Storm.” Oh the memories:  the harried pace to secure boats, wondering what we would eat and where we would sleep. And then the calm before the storm (it’s really, really calm).  Then the storm (it’s really loud).  Then the clean-up: branches, boats, branches, boats, pinecones and loose boards on the pier.  
I am now the proud mom of two Camp One men (and doting aunt to two Camp One chickadees at Seafarer).  And we all know being a parent is “never easy.”  As a Sea Gull/Seafarer PARENT, though, I always have 110% trust that Camp will do the right thing. Nevertheless, there I sat landlocked in Atlanta and glued to the Weather Channel (and my email) waiting to hear what Arthur was going to do. This anxiety was new to me and something I badly wanted to control but couldn’t because my children were not home. Where were they sleeping? When were they going to arrive in Raleigh? Endless questions.

I know first hand how exhausting the evacuation was for the staff. All I can think is WOW.  Not only am I so thankful for the director team, who did an excellent job communicating their plans in this massive undertaking; but also I will be forever grateful to the staff of 2014, which went above and beyond to make “Land Cruise” memorable, safe and FUN! They did this with a smile on their faces because our children watch their every move.

Please join me in honoring the dedication and poise of these remarkable staffs at Sea Gull and Seafarer by saying Thank You.  Thank you for keeping our children safe in the extraordinary circumstances of Arthur and for never missing a beat when the weather went wild.  Please consider a donation to Camp in honor of the awesome crew of young men and ladies who were steady at the helm through one massive storm.  They made sure that our sons and daughters were safe, sound and smiling through the choppiest of waters.

With gratitude,

Meredith Pepper Bass
2014 Camp Parent