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Council of Advisors

Council of Advisors

Mike and Jane Basham (Riverside, CT)

Meredith Pepper Bass (Atlanta, GA)

Carl Belk (Charlotte, NC)

Bill and Anne Bradford (Durham, NC)

Rick and Jennifer Bruning (Greensboro, NC)

Judge and Muff Carr (Raleigh, NC)

Will Cheney (Delray Beach, FL)

Kevin Chignell (Raleigh, NC)

Tom and Aimee Chubb (Atlanta, GA)

Ann Davant Crehore (Charlotte, NC)

Mike and Tricy Cushner (Yorktown Heights, NY)

Mark and Allison Dunn (Brooklyn, NY)

Bill Ellis (Saltsburg, PA)

Greg and Jennifer Faucette (Charlotte, NC)

Anthony Frank (Greenville, NC)

Addison Hagan (Richmond, VA)

Clay Hall (Charlotte, NC)

Edward and Mary Stuart Hay (Charleston, SC)

Kenneth Haywood (Raleigh, NC)

George and Beth Holden (Raleigh, NC)

Greg Holden (St. Petersburg, FL)

Jared Lina (Atlanta, GA)

Kevin London (Malvern, PA)

Mark and Gayle London (New York, NY)

George and Lisa Wray Longino (Dallas, TX)

John and Kim Love (Burlington, NC)

Clay and Blair Manley (Houston, TX)

Jeff and Laura Marcus (Atlanta, GA)

Frank Martien (Edgewater, MD)

Millie Maxwell (Raleigh, NC)

Alton and Jane McCullough (Raleigh, NC)

Meg Meaher (Charlotte, NC)

Ralph and Linda Moore (Raleigh, NC)

Sharon Jenkins Padgett (Dallas, NC)

Elizabeth Johnston Payne (Atlanta, GA)

Billie Pope (Greensboro, NC)

Bobby and Amanda Long Ramseur (Raleigh, NC)

John and Mary Nash Kelly Rusher (Raleigh, NC)

Chrystal Russell (Memphis, TN)

Andy and Nancy Schneider (Winston Salem, NC)

Ken and Amanda Schwenke (Bryn Mawr, PA)

Timothy and Ann Sheehan (Atlanta, GA)

David Sherlin (Raleigh, NC)

Ashley Andrew Silverman (Raleigh, NC)

John and Nancy Sipp (New York, NY)

Laurie Goldman Smithwick (Charlotte, NC)

Jimmy and Jocelyn Stewart (Motchanin, DE)

Brooks Sykes Sutton (Greenville, NC)

Taran Teague (Annapolis, MD)

Coleman Team (Winston-Salem, NC)

Kyle and David Team (Newport Beach, CA)

Robin and Katherine Team (Lexington, NC)

Alex Techet (Charlestown, MA)

John and Marree Townsend (Greenwich, CT)

Stan and Judy Tuttle (Nashville, TN)

Runyon and Leah Tyler (Raleigh, NC)

Alice Graham Underhill (New Bern, NC)

Jean Croom White (Oriental, NC)

Chuck and Shannon Williams (Raleigh, NC)

Mike and Elizabeth Woody (Washington, DC)

Clay Wisniewski (Goldsboro, NC)

James and Sally Wyche (Charlotte, NC)

Council of Advisors Emeritus

Jerry Batchelor (Raleigh, NC)

Dodie Chapman (Atlanta, GA)

Richard and Claudia DeMayo (Atlanta, GA)

Powell Fraser (Atlanta, GA)

Blair and Nancy Hahn (Mount Pleasant, SC)

Hugh and Lisa Long (Augusta, GA)

Craig Marino (New York, NY)

Edythe Poyner (Raleigh, NC)

Jack and Jennifer Harvey (Little Rock, AR)