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The Power of Camp

There’s no question, going to summer camp is an adventurous, independence-building experience for kids. But the benefits of spending a week or more away from parents and meeting kids from all walks of life extends beyond the fun and friendships. Studies by the American Camp Association show that overnight camp experiences actually help prepare kids for adulthood. Overnight camp programs help children grow in self-confidence, independence, resilience, the ability to learn new skills and make new friends. These critical character development attributes serve them well as they grow into the best version of themselves.


There are so many reasons we send our daughters to Camp Seafarer. It is such a gorgeous place that seems secluded from the rest of the world where children are encouraged to be their best selves.  The benefit of going to camp for four weeks is you have time to disconnect from the pressures of life and focus on having fun. For four weeks, the campers have a break from technology and the social pressures that occur back home. Through activities and cabin life, children can develop skills that will serve them when they return home.  The campers can spend time on activities that interest them, set goals, and find success in their achievements.  This boosts confidence and self-esteem. We live in the Rocky Mountains and our daughters are becoming competent boaters through the fun that they have each summer at Camp Seafarer. Our eldest daughter worked hard to earn her US Power Boating license while at Camp and is so proud of this accomplishment, especially when she takes her parents out on the water and is the one in charge! At the end of Camp, when it is time to come home, we begin the countdown for when we get to return to the best camp of all.

Samantha, Camp Seafarer Parent
Denver, CO

I am convinced that the values Camp instilled in me at a young age drove me to where I am today. As a midshipman at the Naval Academy, held to the highest moral standards set forth by the Constitution, I see countless parallels between my upbringing at Seafarer and my subsequent Naval Academy career (and not just because the ‘Middies’ are modeled after Navy uniforms)! Years spent at Camp Seafarer enabled me to become self-reliant, understand my potential, and set me on the path to unlocking it.

-Grace, Former Camp Seafarer Counselor
United States Naval Academy, Class of 2020

As a camper, I didn't realize how much Camp was teaching me daily. Each day I learned hard skills like sailing and swimming while also gaining softer skills like living with cabinmates, goal setting and resilience. When I became a counselor, I was able to use the skills I mastered through our program in my younger years. I was able to coach my campers to succeed and develop my personal leadership skills - from managing a cabin and leading our sailing staff. I grew into the confident person I am today thanks to the guidance, friendships, and safe environment Camp provided. 

-Bailey, Former Camp Seafarer Counselor
Washington, DC

Camp taught me about lighting a fire IN someone rather than UNDER them. It showed me the difference between motivation and intimidation. Camp’s rigorous schedule helped develop my work ethic, leadership skills, and understanding the hierarchy of an organization. 

-Billy, Former Camp Sea Gull Counselor
CEO and Chairman, BL Harbert International

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