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Women's Leadership Retreat

As the mother of three sons, a partner of over 34 years, a board member, a volunteer, a caregiver for an aging parent and a practicing psychotherapist, I continually use my skills of empathy, collaboration, inspiration and selflessness to drive results.

I sound pretty impressive don’t I? Well, I am not that different from most other women in the world who wear so many hats. We do many things well, and the world is paying attention to us more and more. Recent research is focusing on “feminine traits” and how effective we are as leaders. Some of the skills deemed as desirable for today’s leaders are the following: flexibility, intuition, patience, reasonableness, loyalty, collaboration, the ability to multi-task and selflessness. Do you see any of yourself in any of those words? 

Our goal at the Seafarer Women’s Leadership retreat is to help each of us realize the natural talents that we already possess and build on them. Whether you are a person who is able to hold it all together while driving to and from several activities, plan a meal and convince someone at the end of the day that they are pretty great; or a person who has gotten your family out the door, gone to work, chaired a meeting and then come home to emotionally support someone else, you have used the skills that women naturally have as leaders and have made your world a better place. 

Our keynote speakers and skill building session leaders will reinforce our natural strengths, help us sharpen them, and encourage us to become impassioned to positively influence our world. You need not have gone to Camp Seafarer to join us as we come together to improve ourselves, experience God’s great outdoors and meet some pretty interesting people. We welcome you.

Visit the Women's Leadership page and register today!

-Amanda Schwenke
Camp Seafarer Alumnae