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Bug Juice Day - Supporting Hurricane Relief

As we see the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, our hearts go out to families in Texas, Florida, and other states in the South affected by these storms. Whether or not you live in the areas of worst flooding and heaviest wind damage we want you to know that your Camp family is thinking of you and praying for you during this difficult time.

Bug Juice Day is coming up this Saturday, September 16. It was introduced as an opportunity for campers across the country to share a little flavor of Camp with their friends and families, to virtually bring our Camp family together and to provide a unique opportunity to give back to Camp. Because of the devastation in so many areas of the country where our campers live, this year we have decided that all proceeds should be donated to hurricane relief.  So join us in participating in Bug Juice Day and raise money for the hurricane relief organization of your choice.

How can you participate in Bug Juice Day? Well… it’s easy!

  • Buy or make your favorite bug juice, Kool-Aid or lemonade;
  • Set up a table with pitchers, chairs, cups and ice;
  • Sell Bug Juice anytime on Saturday, Sept. 16;
  • Send the funds to a hurricane relief fund of your choice

How can you make your Bug Juice Day an off the charts success?

  •  Craft a cool message or take a photo of your Bug Juice Day flyer
     and promote your efforts on social media using #BugJuiceDay;
  •  Post this flyer around your school and/or neighborhood;
  •  Invite friends from your cabin this past summer to participate;
  • Take pictures of your event and send them to so we can post them on Camp’s social media sites.

Download your Bug Juice Day flyer!