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Bug Juice Day 2019

Bug Juice is by far one of our most popular (and traditional) items found on the table during Camp meals. Regardless of your favorite flavor, a glass or two always keeps you going out on the Land and Sea! We’re excited to announce that May 4 is Bug Juice Day. We challenge our 2019 campers to participate in this special day and share a little flavor of Camp with their friends and families.

Bug Juice Day not only virtually brings our Camp family together but also provides a unique opportunity to give back to Camp.

How can you participate in Bug Juice Day? Well… it’s easy!

  • Buy or make your favorite Bug Juice, Kool-Aid or lemonade.
  • Set up a table with pitchers, chairs, cups and ice.
  • Sell Bug Juice anytime on Saturday, May 4.
  • Send all funds raised to Camp.
    Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer Annual Fund
    c/o Ristie Askew
    2744 Seafarer Road
    Arapahoe, NC 28510

Camp is a special place and one we want to provide for campers who may not be able to afford it. All proceeds from Bug Juice Day go to our Annual Fund to help send kids to camp.

How can you make your Bug Juice Day an off the charts success?

  • Get social with us! Craft a cool message or take a photo of your Bug Juice flyer and promote your efforts on social media using #BugJuiceDay and by tagging @Camp_SeaGull and @Camp_Seafarer in your post.
  • Post this flyer around your school and/or neighborhood.
  • Invite friends in your cabin this past summer to participate.

May 4 is just around the corner. Which Camp will have the most participation…Sea Gull or Seafarer?!

Download your Bug Juice Flyer