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2016 Hall Of Fame Inductees

“To me a camp is good first because of its staff and ideals: and second because of its facilities. Therefore, this is a job for only highly qualified and responsible people.” – Wyatt Taylor
When someone first steps on the grounds of Sea Gull and Seafarer they most often comment on the beautiful site and the exceptional facilities that they can see. What they maybe don’t see as clearly at first are the people that make it all happen. Those people – some who were present at Camp’s founding and some who have maybe just begun their service – are the real reason that Sea Gull and Seafarer are “the best Camps of all!.”  During the Homecoming Weekend we will honor and celebrate the contributions of five individuals who have served Camp in many different capacities – as staff, parents, advisors, promoters, volunteers, donors and simply lifetime friends who have worked to ensure that Camp continues to live out its mission of character and skill development for generations to come.
Anne and Bill Bradford, Lisa Wray Longino, Nelson McDaniel and James M. Poyner Jr. (posthumous) will be inducted into the Camp Sea Gull-Camp Seafarer Hall of Fame at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 1 at the Program Pavilion at Camp Seafarer. The words expressed by Wyatt in the early days of Camp, and that still ring so true today, will be inscribed on the plaques and ships bells that will be presented to these exceptional Camp leaders as a symbol of their significant service and contributions. We hope you will be able to join us to express your appreciation to them, and to be inspired to give back in your own way to the Camps we love so well.