About Us

Come aboard for an exceptional summer.

Camp Sea Gull for boys & Camp Seafarer for girls are located in Arapahoe, N.C., on a five-mile-wide stretch of open water on the Neuse River. Our unique coastal location provides more than 3,000 feet of shoreline to support our comprehensive seamanship program, extensive fleet of boats, and traditional camp activities.

Our Staff

We realize our effectiveness depends on the quality of our leadership. Each Camp offers a 3:1 camper-to-staff ratio. Our staff is specifically selected for the quality of their character. They inspire campers to have fun while teaching the importance of high ideals, moral values and ambitious goals.

Our Unique Experience

Our comprehensive seamanship program allows campers to develop small boat competency; we have a fleet of more than 250 sailboats and powerboats and feature US Sailing and US Powerboating certification courses. Campers work through a progressive rank system starting at beginner level and moving through advanced high-level skills. Achieving an advanced rank may take one or two summers.

Our Sessions

A 4-week session at Camp Sea Gull & Camp Seafarer creates a lasting impact. The 4-week session means campers have more time to build seamanship skills, gain new confidence, and strengthen their character. By living and learning with others for four weeks, campers develop lifelong friendships and return home with a stronger sense of self.

However, we realize that not all kids are ready for a 4-week session.

Our 1-week Starter Camp gives younger campers a structured introduction to overnight camp. The focus is on group participation and learning how to be away from home for the first time.

After Starter Camp, most campers will be ready for our 2-week Mariners Camp the following summer. At Mariners Camp, campers develop skills in the activities they choose, learn responsibility to plan their day with the guidance of their counselors, and build lifelong friendships.

A Summer That Lasts A Lifetime

Whether your child attends Camp for a 4-week session or a 1-week session, he or she will gain new confidence by trying new things, and be ready to face challenges head on. They will join a community spanning not only the nation, but the globe, that will support them for a lifetime.

We invite you to explore our site and learn more about what we can offer your child. We can't wait to see you at Camp Sea Gull & Camp Seafarer.